Application process to get Montenegron Citizenship

Application process Montenegro Citizenship Program

How to apply for Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

The citizenship program of Montenegro is managed by Montenegro’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. Be it a temporary or permanent residence, the application process and document requirements are not much different.

What's different in Montenegro is that there is no general knowledge test, as part of the process for gaining a Montenegrin citizenship application. But the basic proficiency exam is required.

The Examination Center of Montenegro in Podgorica holds these tests and comes with a €55 administrative fee.


The acquirement of Montenegro citizenship is not shared to other countries, as it falls inside the Government arrangements identifying with security/official insights.

GCI will help you to go faster through the registration process and can process all your orders beforehand. Your only obligation is to come and provide a fingerprint, as well as register. In Montenegro, we have the best quality lobbying services.


Then apply now.

Citizenship Application