Montenegro Citizenship Program - Cost


How much does citizenship in Montenegro Cost?

The Price is a minimum of:
100.000 EUR
Donation in a Government Funds plus

15,000 EUR Government Application Fee for Single plus each member 10.000 EUR, up to 4 Dependent,
50,000 EUR after the fourth Dependent each plus

Government Due diligence fees:
Main applicant: €7,000
Dependent (up to four): €10,000
Dependent (after the fourth): €1,500 plus

Real estate Investment:  
250,000 €
investment in approved real estate in a undeveloped area (in the north of the country),
or 450,000 € Investment in approved real estate in a developed region (in the south of the country). plus

Advisor & Lawyer Fee:
75.000 EUR
Advisor and Lawyer Fess (Notary Fee is separate)

The Full Investment is to transfer to GCI UNIT Montenegro and paid after pre-approval.  
If the Application, not approval, the Investment will be paid back to the Applicant

What are the possibilities of investing for submission
requests for citizenship of Montenegro?

Investment in government fund + real estate in the north of the country
€ 350,000 - minimum investment amount 

€ 100,000 - donation
€ 250,000 - investment in real estate

Investment in government fund + real estate in the south of the country 
550.000 €  - minimum investment amount 
€ 100.000 - donation 
450.000 € - investment in real estate


With the application, you have attached the full investment and donation with a deposit in the escrow account by the government. If the Government decides against candidate this Contribution endorsement pay will return to him.

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